We love inspiration and encouragement!

That’s why we like to give lectures, keynotes, speak on panels or hold inspiration sessions.

Our topics are new work, the future of work and digitalization. And, of course, being an enfant terrible, future of work as inner work, transformation – one’s personal transformation and that of teams or companies.

All of this in the context of conferences, at varying types of company events or at universities.

We are happy if we can contribute to making a change in this way!

Here is a list of our recent speaking engagements:

  • re:publica
  • XING New Work Experience und XING THE ROOM
  • Deutsches Global Compact Netzwerk
  • Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V.
  • Genshagener Kreis
  • Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland
  • Good School
  • The Lovers
  • AEB Get Connected Festival
  • Fraunhofer Institut IML
  • u.a. Volkswagen, Axel Springer, adidas, The Walt Disney Company, Melitta, Sanofi, BWBank.
Global Compact Netzwerk
Innovationcamp Arbeitsspeicher Bremen
SANOFI Inhouse-Konferenz
Genshagener Kreis
The Lovers
EXCHAiNGE Konferenz Fraunhofer IML