Organizational Development

From pyramid to network

We don’t do classical change projects.

We accompany change management projects only when they really involve good new work. First and foremost, this means an awareness that change starts with the people themselves – especially the management or leaders. And that it is a participatory and iterative process.

For these processes we offer a wide range of inspiration, learning and transformation formats: big ones and small ones. Short ones and long ones.

We use contemporary methods and concepts from the agile, collaborative, creative and mindful context. And our team has many years of experience in personal, team and organizational development.

Our aim is always to get the “good” into the new work.

These are our offers to accompany teams and organizations on their change journey:

  • Lectures, inspiration and impulse workshops – for an introduction to the topic of future of work
  • Accompaniment of complete transformation processes – towards a self-organized, agile and participative organization
  • In-house learning and development formats such as our training as “New Work Professional” or our retreats
  • Coaching of teams that are already working in a self-organized structure.
  • Service Design with a focus on New Work – for departments like HR, IT or Finance
  • Training, support and coaching of internal change consultants.

Here you can find further information about our clients, our team and our partners: