Personal Development

Learn good new work!

If we want to make work good and new, the change must begin within ourselves – not with the „others“: the employees or our colleagues.

To achieve this, we need to really, really learn how to work.

We need methods and tools for innovative, agile, creative and mindful working; competencies for the future such as „critical thinking“ and, above all, concepts and a mindset for a participative and self-organized collaboration. And that means a lot of inner work. It needs adults and reflected people.

Les Enfants Terribles is therefore above all a „school„. You can learn and experience all these future of work competencies with us. We accompany personal change processes and support them with a large community of experts and, above all, with like-minded people.

These are our offers to develop yourself personally:

  • A complete training to become a New Work Professional – the so-called „zeitenreise”
  • Retreats for good new work – a short format to get started in the future of work context
  • Individual coaching sessions for all those seeking personal guidance in the future of work context
  • Inspiration, networking and exchange at our community events
    good enfants terribles days
Erfahrungen aus unserer Ausbildung
Erfahrungen aus unserer Ausbildung
Erfahrungen aus unserer Ausbildung